About Us

Carreg Adventure is the brainchild of Ceri Butcher and Eoghan Powell who, after 15 years in the adventure, education and hospitality sectors, decided to open a premium adventure facility where quality education and service were at the heart of the business.

In 2012, Ceri and Eoghan came across Stouthall in Gower. A beautiful, Georgian building long since disused, had fallen into disrepair and become a forgotten landmark in the Gower landscape. With it's rich history, stunning location and ancient woodland, brimming with wildlife, this was the perfect venue for the realisation of this vision.

The pair undertook the mammoth task of renovating Stouthall in December 2014 and, after just three short months, they unveiled the venue to their closet friends and family with the celebration of their wedding on March 14th 2015.

Since then, work has not stopped. With updates and improvements both visually and systemically on a weekly basis, Carreg Adventure is quickly becoming synonymous with quality in the education sector, providing outstanding service and creative programmes to businesses and schools alike.

Whether it's your first week away with your school friends, your wedding day or the day you started to love your job, Carreg Adventure promises to become a chapter in the story of you. Through our imaginative approach to our programmes, from fairy walks and wizarding days to murder mysteries and team challenges, we can reignite creativity and enthusiasm in children and adults alike.