Murder mystery

Murder mystery

A terrible crime has been committed in the Oval Library at Stouthall Country mansion. The police are at the murder scene and have removed the body but the detectives have left an outline on the floor of a person cut down in their prime by a lethal and dangerous murder. But who?

Over to you ... can you solve the clues and discover which of your fellow dinner guests had the motive, weapon, and opportunity to sneak out of the dinning room and take out a fellow guest?

Was it the secretive Baroness Azure or blustering Professor Ivory? Could it be the timid Miss Rose or grumpy Earl of Shamrock?

But before the sleuthing begins, no detective can work on an empty stomach.
Sit yourselves down to a sumptuous three course dinner created by our chef Rob who knows his poisons from his Pistachios, his Sabatier knives from his Stilettos. He is not in the frame for murder, but is famed for his wonderful menus created with the best of Welsh produce.

After dinner, witness the crime scene, withdraw to McCarthy's bar with your fellow guests to have a medicinal brandy , go over the evidence for clues and discover who crept through the secret door in the library to create an intriguing Stouthall Country Mansion Murder Mystery.

How a Carreg Adventure Murder Mystery works
There are as many versions of a Murder Mystery night out as there are methods to do away with your enemies. Like all our bespoke events we like to make your the centre of the action. Here we play out an interactive Murder Mystery game.

Upon arrival, each guest is assigned a character. The aim of the game is to question your fellow guests to uncover the common connections that has brought you all to this isolated Country Mansion. As the evening unfolds so to does the story. Your host will always be on hand to answer any questions.

Don't worry if your not a budding thespian, no acting is required (although all you budding luvvies can feel free to ham it up!). A keen mind and sleuthing skills are the secret to solving this mystery.