Transitioning from Primary to Secondary


Taking a new class group away for anything from 1 - 4 nights helps create peer networks in the fastest possible time. A wide variety of activities and challanges allows incoming pupils to get to know one another and key staff in a low pressure and engaging environment.

These trips can be integrated with feeder school Yr. 6 residentials to avoid overburdening parents or they can be run as Summer programmes to reduce scheduling issues.

Can be linked to other programmes (PSE, PE/active lifestyles, Welsh Bacc.) to help join up the whole school journey.

Non residential, in school "camp"

Facilitated activity camp held on school premises, using school facilities. Peer networks can be developed while incoming students become familiar with layout of school buildings.

Camps don't require involvement from feeder schools but range of activities is limited by school facilities.

Can be linked to other programmes (PSE, PE/active lifestyles, Welsh Bacc. NEETs)

Elements from both a residential and in school camp, can be combined for a "best of both" approach

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