Corporate training and team-building

Our long and varied menu of options for your business ensures that we can meet the needs and outcomes of any business on any budget.


Why invest in team-building or away-day training?

The bottom line is to improve productivity and efficiency of the workforce. This is achieved by ensuring a happier workforce, a more knowledgeable and skilled workforce and better team cooperation and communication. For many businesses, people are one of our most expensive resources and the value they represent and income they generate can fluctuate. At times this can feel like they are holding your business ransom to their moods and relationships.

Bringing your staff out of the office and engaging them in a team building programme, not only better facilitates the acceptance and retention of new information but also serves to challenge barriers and preconceptions that may be fragmenting your workforce. Better communication and team work starts with a desire to better understand and support each other. It is all too common that colleagues become disinterested in others perspective, instead entering a spiral of frustration and self-preservation. By taking your team out of the competitive work environment and facilitating more social interaction, misconceptions are challenged, bonds are formed and understanding follows. That's where we come in.


Why send your team to us?

  • We are experts in outdoor personal development with more than 30 years combined experience.
  • We have a unique, comfortable, private venue ensuring no distractions other than the view.
  • Our activities are based on site ensuring your never too far from a hot shower and a cosy room whatever the Welsh weather brings
  • Our partnerships with The Training and Learning Company, Dragonfly Training and Swansea University ensure first-class, quality training alongside your team-building programme
  • Our in-house chef can produce the perfect menu to your specification.
  • Our in-house Event Coordinator is based on site and will be on hand throughout your booking.