Frequently asked questions - easter camp

What time is pick up and drop off?

Drop off is from 08:30am until 09:30am and pick up is from 5:30pm until 6pm.

Can the children choose their activities?

We write each groups programme to ensure that there is a progression throughout the week, maximising personal development outcomes. The programme will be published on the website and on our Facebook page so you can choose the day and activities that suit.

Is there a shop on site?

Yes. There is a gift shop selling gifts, toys and confectionery. Items range from 50p up to £40 but there are plenty of toys and gifts under £5.

Can they bring their mobile phones?

We don't recommend sending them with phones or tablets. There is little phone signal and high value items are at risk of being lost or damaged. Children will be asked to call home midway through the week at an agreed time. For photos we recommend a disposable camera. Parents can contact the children at any time on the main office number which is manned 24 hours during summer camp.

What is the minimum age you accept?

Children must be 5 years old for day camp.

What do they need to bring?

On booking you will be sent a list of what to bring but as a minimum they will need:
- A water bottle
- Suncream
- A hat
- A waterproof coat
- Comfortable clothes including items with long sleeves and trousers (a safety requirement on some activities)
- NOT clothes you don't want to get muddy!
- Slippers/indoor shoes
- Walking shoes and/or trainers
- A towel

My child is on medication. Is that ok?

We need to be informed of any conditions and/or medication but cannot administer it ourselves. We will store it for them but they will have to take responsibility for administering it themselves. It's always best to contact us and chat to our experienced staff about your child's individual requirements.